Station Fire 2009 Images - 1






Judging by the fresh tracks over snow that had fallen just two nights before, the fresh wiring at the phone switch
plate, and the fresh paper trash bag in the outside trash can (sorry, didn't get a photo of that), someone apparently
had been to Stony Ridge not too long before we got there.


We were able to see the dome from several miles away. The first photo below is normal view. The second photo is 20x zoom. In each photo, the dome is in the center of the picture, framed by blackened trees in the foreground.


One remaining tree on the site, beautifully green and alive, as if nothing had happened.


The tree in the parking area apparently was not as fortunate.


Looks like Mother Nature cleaned off the dome for us, with a bit of rain and snow.


Click on the image below for Sara's almost 360 degree view of the area around the Stony Ridge site.




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