Stony Ridge / Station Fire 2009 - 2

These Photos were taken by SRO member John Rogers and are the 'first-in' (as firefighters say) images of the Stony Ridge area, taken on September 17, 2009 - 3 weeks after the start of the Station Fire.

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Admin Exterior North SideAdmin Exterior South Side

Admin Interior

Admin InteriorFacing NE from below SW edge of SRO

Facing E from below SW edge of SROFacing N from Fire Road

Facing N from groveFacing N from Grove

Facing NW from near SE edge of SROFacing SE from SRO

Facing NWFacing NW from fire road

Facing NW from groveFacing NW from the grove

Facing S from entranceFacing S from fire road

Facing W from fire roadFacing W from SW edge of SRO

Looking S from entranceLooking toward Mt. Wilson

Outhouse scorching.  Perspective is everything.  No, the outhouse doesn't have a dome on its roof.SRO dome from Highway 2 turnoff.  Before the fire, SRO was not visible from the highway.

SRO entranceStump still burning near the turnoff from Highway 2

Telescope baseTelescope base

Telescope control stationTelescope cover. On this visit, the tarp was not removed from the telescope, but there was no indication of the tarp melting, which is a good sign.

Dome interior, Dave and Charlie at entry stairs.Dome interior ceiling

Dome themometerOuthouse door jamb damage

Utility pole still standingDowned utility pole

For before and after the fire comparison photos, click here.
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