Dome Painting - 2001 October 27-28

The Crew: left to right - Jim Chavez, Chris Sloman, Pam Sable, John Rogers, James Chavez, Dave Hadlen, Steve "the Shadow" Brewster. Others participating but not pictured, Charlie Ascher and Sara Martin.

Alrighty now, let's get started. What's this button for?

Jim Chavez steadily moves out into the lead with his 3-inch paint brush! Meanwhile, in the bucket... OK, that button moves us up, this one moves us down... and away, no wait!... closer, and this one tips us all out of the bucket. Don't push that!!! D'oh!!

Observers Take Note! - Chris Sloman discovers a way to clear away clouds! Patent pending.

"Oh John Henry was a steel driving man."
Traditional Folk song.

Even the commemorative plaque get's a new luster.

Hey Jim, let's call it quits for today, that's the Sun setting in the West.

The dome with its new winter coat.


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