The Largest California Telescopes in 1963

At the completion of Stony Ridge Observatory in 1963, our telescope ranked as the eighth largest in California, and probably one of the largest amateur-built telescopes in the world.

  1. 200-inch (5m) Palomar Hale reflector
  2. 120-inch (3m) Lick Shane reflector
  3. 100-inch (2.5m) Mt. Wilson Hooker reflector
  4. 60-inch (1.5m) Mt. Wilson reflector
  5. 48-inch (1.2m) Palomar Oschin Schmidt camera
  6. 36-inch (0.91m) Lick Crossley reflector
  7. 36-inch (0.91m) Lick Great Clark refractor
  8. 30-inch (0.76m) Stony Ridge Carroll reflector

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