Supernova in M-74

On January 30, 2002, a supernova was noticed in the outer edge of an outer arm in the galaxy M-74.

An image of SN 2002ap (right, bottom) was obtained at Stony Ridge Observatory on February 3, 2002 (UT), a day or two before maximum light. South is up. The upper image is from the Digital Sky Survey with magnitudes from AAVSO.

-- SN 2002ap
RA = 01 36 23.83
DEC = +15 45 14.3
JD = 2452308.7372
mag = 12.62 CCD(V)
Filter = Johnson V
exposure = 30 secs.
0.76-m f/6 telescope
ST6 camera

As of this writing ((2002 02 10 UT), SN 2002ap has apparently reached its maximum light at magnitude 12.4 (V) and is slowly in decline.


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