Equipment Used at SRO:
Members have complete access to all facilities and instruments to which they have been qualified to use safely.
    • 0.76-m (30-inch) f/6 Newtonian reflector - Photo right courtesy Steven Tsz K Chan

    • 15-cm (6-inch) f/15 Refractor - Guide Scope

    • 0.3-m (12-inch) f/11 Classical Cassegrain

    • Apogee AP8p back-illuminated CCD camera, 1024x1024, 24μ pixels, 1.09 arc-second/pixel, 18.6 arc-minute field of view. Also an Optec IFW filter system w/ BVRI photometric filters. Click on image below to see the dedication plaque to Dr. Eleanor F. Helin (1932-2009) for her generous contribution of this equipment to Stony Ridge Observatory .

    • SBIG STV CCD camera system used for auto-guiding and lunar/planetary imaging. This equipment was donated to Stony Ridge Observatory by World Space Foundation.

    • SBIG ST-4 and ST-6 CCD Cameras

    • All Computer Systems on 100Mb/sec LAN. Two of these computer systems were donated to SRO by World Space Foundation.

    • Various video-eyepiece camera systems.

    • 3.5-inch gold-plated reflection grating, +900 groves/mm - can be used to construct a decent high resolution spectrograph for the 30-inch. Good future project for the right person(s).
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