Becoming an Associate/Member
of Stony Ridge Observatory, Inc.

Latest Update: Jan 7, 2013

To become an Associate Member of Stony Ridge Observatory, Inc., send an email message to: and request an application form.

Upon acceptance of your returned application by the Board of Directors, you will be invited to become an Associate Member of Stony Ridge Observatory for a period of not longer than two (2) years.

During this period, if you desire to use the site and equipment without supervision, you must successfully complete a qualification period on the use and safety of the equipment and site. This usually takes 4 or 5 on-site training sessions afterwhich you will be given full access to the observatory and telescope. Time on the telescope is subscribed on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event of scheduling conflicts, Members are given priority over Associates, and is negotiable between the parties involved.

  • During your Associate 2-year period, your annual dues will be $250, payable in lump, or in 11 monthly installments of $20 each, plus a final payment of $30, all payable to the Treasurer.

At any time during your Associate status, you may petition the Board of Directors for full membership (life-time membership).

  • Full, life-time, membership cost is $3000, minus any amount paid during your Associate membership. This sum may be paid in full at the end of Associate status, or in 3 yearly, equal amounts.

  • Though not required, payment of an annual dues of $150 will allow the Member voting rights and the opportunity to be elected as an Officer or member of the Board.
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