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Updated: March 18, 2012

Comet Kahoutek

Comet Kahoutek taken by Sara Martin and Brenda Noah using the Carroll 30-inch telescope, January 1974.

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Last Quarter Moon photographed by Mike Madsen at Stony Ridge through a 6-inch apochromatic refractor telescope.

Gallery 2 - Even more images

Historical Images of the early Stony Ridge Observatory

  • The buildings
  • Stony Ridge Observatory - A Cooperative Effort A documentary video of the building of Stony Ridge Observatory.
  • Mirror grinding tool
  • The early 30-inch telescope and drive system
  • Removing the 30-inch mirror for realuminizing

Vistas - in and around the Stony Ridge Observatory. More vistas around Stony Ridge Observatory

Video clips

The Infamos "Station Fire"
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