The Founding Stony Ridge Fifteen

While all of these gentlemen were involved with all aspects of the actual construction of Stony Ridge Observatory, the notes below identify their areas of responsibility in the overall project.

(1) Dr. W. H. Griffith - Produced the 16mm documentary film Stony Ridge Observatory - A Cooperative Effort.

(2) Norman L. Bolz - Did the machining of the telescope mount parts, including the fork assembly and the tapered Right Ascension (RA) axis at John Terlep's (10) machine shop.

(3) Geroge A. Carroll- Founder of the Association of Amateur Astronomers in 1947 and designer of the 30-inch telescope and others.

(4) Roy K. Ensign - Lead optician in producing the 30-inch (0.76-m) SRO mirror, built the mirror grinding machine, ground, polished and figured the 30-inch mirror, observer for Lunar Mapping Project.

(5) Harold J. Ireland - with George Moyen (8) designed the electrical system for the observatory.

(6) Ernest 'Easy' Sloman - Procured the 30-inch mirror blank and assisted Roy Ensign (4) in its grinding and polishing stages. An observer for the Lunar Mapping Project.

(7) Norris A. Roberts - Designed all the buildings at SRO, observer for the Lunar Mapping Project.

(8) J. George Moyen - with Harold Ireland (5) designed the electrical system for the observatory.

(9) John Sousa - Participated in all construction phases, an observer with the Lunar Mapping Project.

Founders of Stony Ridge Observatory

(10) John Terlep - Designer of the metal dome and 2nd President of Stony Ridge Observatory, Inc., built, with machining help from Norman Bolz (2), the fork for the telescope mounting, owner of the Rene Corporation, a machine shop in Burbank, CA.

(11) Charles Buzzetti - with Norris Roberts (7), obtained county permits for the construction.

(12) Roy R. Cook - Telescope maker at Carroll Astronomical Instruments

(13) Dave Thomas - Built the dome for SRO, at his company, Thomas Tool & Die, in Sun Valley, California.

(14) Alvin E. Cram - First President, Stony Ridge Observatory, Inc.

(15) Anthony L Bland
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