Various Projects Carried Out
at Stony Ridge Observatory
Updated Mar 26, 2016

  • Occultation of a star by the asteroid Juno - December 11, 1979 - John Faulkner made observations at Stony Ridge Observatory that were published in Solar System Photometry Handbook, Russell M. Genet, ed., Willman-Bell, 1983, pp 8-1 to 8-11, "Asteroid Occultations," by Alan Harris (JPL).

  • Planet X Project

  • Observations of Comets

  • Asteroid observations 1994-1995 - Jack Child and John Rogers, Co-Is, made the first asteroid discovery from Stony Ridge Observatory in 1995. The new discovery was named (10168) Stony Ridge by the discoverers to honor the original 15 Founding Members of Stony Ridge Observatory, Inc. A second asteroid was discovered by this duo, which currently has been numbered by the Minor Planet Center (MPC), but has yet to receive a name. The selection of a name for a newly numbered asteroid is an opportunity given to the original discoverers, in this case, John and Jack.

  • Faint Object Follow Up (FOFU) - In 2000, Stephen Brewster and John Rogers, Co-Is, formed FOFU to provide follow up observations of newly discovered near-Earth asteroids and comets. The group later added members Dave Hadlen, Pam Sable, Sara Martin and James Hoff. In 2004 this group made SRO's 3rd and 4th asteroid discoveries. One of these, having been linked to other observations over many years, was quickly numbered by the MPC. FOFU members agreed that the "Father" of Stony Ridge, George A. Carroll should be honored with his name attached to this discovery. Thus asteroid (144633) Georgecarroll is in the history books of solar system science.

  • Speckle Interferometry of Close Double Star Systems
  • Ongoing Projects - Keeping an organization like SRO operating smoothly over the years has required other commitments than to science. The maintenance of the facility is the ongoing responsibility of ALL Stony Ridge members
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